Scented candles

This candle set emits smells of spring smell, lemon, lavender and Mediterranean fig with notes of a crisp seasonal breeze, composing a peaceful aroma, designed to infuse your space with the right amount of fragrances, while the warm glow creates a tranquil ambience in every room.
Made with soy wax, a healthier option that promotes cleaner and more purified air; seldom trigger allergies while producing little soot and features 100% cotton woven lead-free wicks, so you can ignite the candle with ease.
❤LONG BURN TIME (25-30 hours) ❤
Each tin of scented soy candle is 4 oz, 25-30 hours burning time, providing aromatherapy, creating mood enhancing atmospheres, relief and relaxation for you and guests, perfect for home, office and church.
Each candle comes in a tin with beautiful floral pattern that helps maintain its scent throughout its life; these tins can be reused to store some of your favorite items like accessories instead of throwing them away.
This compact candle set is sealed, convenient for you to carry around wherever you go; take a bath with it and start yoga near it, light one on the table before friends come over! With a exquisite look, also makes it the ideal gift for any occasion.
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Safe and Eco-Friendly
Fill your home with the beautiful scent of this Rackaphile Scented Soy Travel Tin Candle Set! 
Tin keeps candle self-contained, portable and safe, helping maintain the candle’s scent throughout its life. 
It combines exquisite look with harmonious notes of flowers and fruits, infusing your place with the right amount of fragrances. 
No dripping, No smoke and Non toxic. Perfect for everyday use, aromatherapy, spa, meditation, church and anniversaries that will delight people of all ages.
1. Burn candle within sight to prevent fire.
2. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
3. NEVER near anything that can catch fire.
4. Please put it on a heat resistant surface only because this tinplate will get hot when candle's burning.
5. Burn no longer than two hours each time.
6. Remove all matches and wick debris before lighting
7 Trim wick to 1/4'' prior to lighting. Do not allow wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool.
4 oz each candle
15 - 20 hours burning time
Dimension: 2 inch (H) * 2 inch (D)
Package Contents 
1 x Spring Candle 
1 x Lavender Candle 
1 x Lemon Candle
1 x Mediterranean Fig Candle